The Guild of Shadows

TIme to kick this game back into full swing...soon

Starting back up

Ok so its time to get the show back on the road, and soon. I am opening this adventure up again this time more mayhem, more mystery and by far more plot and treachery. The stakes will be twice as high, the opposing groups, three times as strong, and the rewards, awesome. So here goes the following requirements and story line, or pointers of what is to come…

New Adventure Group(N.A.G. for short lol):
New characters from the Rifts R.U.E., Phase world Dimension books Two and Three, with possible use of the Heroes Unlimited Aliens Unlimited book(ask first and we will see but always look at the rift conversion stats not the heroes stats).
Classes available from the R.U.E.: Any Men at Arms O.C.C.‘s, Ley line Walker, Ley Line Rifter or Shifter O.C.C.’s for magic, Any Psychic O.C.C.’s except Psi-Stalker’s, and no Dragon characters…
Classes available from the Phase world Dimension books are as follows: Cosmo-Knight O.C.C., Creating Alien R.C.C.(note you must show how you got your stats, so log your roles), Freedom Fighter O.C.C., Galactic Tracer O.C.C., Any of the Noro R.C.C.‘s, Runner O.C.C., Seljuk R.C.C., Spacer O.C.C., Space Pirate O.C.C., Space Wulfen R.C.C., Cyberai O.C.C., In’Valian Robo-Jockey R.C.C., Oni Ninja R.C.C., Turbo-Jockey O.C.C., Warlock Marine O.C.C., and Warlock Mage Specialist O.C.C. Those are it unless you find something that can be explained to my satisfaction.

Come this Fall/Winter(2015)…I am currently teaching new Rifts gamers how to play in this world so hopefully once they are done with their introduction, and in full swing in the alternate dimension campaign I am currently running, then I have the full intent to go back to this game(spoiler the alternate dimension game is also part of this one).

Any questions?:
Contact me at or on here at Obsidian Portal…Hope to hear from you all soon and see some new faces.993505_184946591708398_1937637366_n.jpg



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