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The 15 year old that will rock your world


This cocky kid who will never age beyond 15 yrs loves tricks, swimming with his pet sharks, Piloting hover borads, spaceships, hell anything fast…..

Master Builder of the fleet
Trusted companion of Lord Burn and Lady Joy

Is not allowed to give the mission de-breffing anymore …. for some strange reason


Being a slave the Guild bought me and gave me a home and training to go with my natural skills.
Trained in my core abilities for many years from a young age the last 5 yrs I was given group training to work with others and learn how to rust them and their actions.

When I was assigned to the Phase world unit i have worked with both Joy and burn in the last 5 yrs many of times. The Guild must have saw something if they only placed the 3 of us and not a full team of 6 on this world. (Little did they know how right they where). After some easy missions and some fun ones (bye bye moon) we were given some harder missions.

The hardest mission to date is to breach the threshold. In order to do this the Guild needed a fleet of ships and a design that has never been seen in the 3 galaxies. This was a tall order as the Guild never had a “Fleet of ships” they had fighters and other ships used in the 3 galaxies to match where they were stationed but never a fleet of its own. It has taken many years to build the first of the Guild Fleets and gather and train the personal to man the ships.

Guild Mothership Maratine and the support ships are ready to leave the hidden space dock and proceed with the mission to breach the threshold only 50 yrs after the mission was given to Icon, Burn and Joy.

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