This is The Guild of Shadows home page for a space based Rifts/Palladium universe game. I go into more detail under adventure log of the current campaign, but I will give a overall summerry here: This game takes place in three phases, the first was a development phase in that the original players characters, ones that were only used for this phase alone, developed a bases of the space comunity by playing out their own idealogies upon Phase world, and the outlining worlds in the different areas around it. These original characters where recruited from the CS branches of the military, and then later given choices on what to do with outsider knowledge, some new toys and a little power. In the end they created a group called the Rosary Foundation, which rose to power and wealth in the Phase world area of space, as a reliable salvage/transpot/cargo/smuggler/mercinary company that was able to build its own small fleet of disguised ships and asteroid satillits. The only character of this phase still alive over 150 years later is one by the name of Slick, a prior ace piolet from the CS, now a downloaded intelegince and personality in a robotic, looks like he did, body. This character has turned to NPC status, though will always be played by his player even in this status, and now resides cofortably in the manors on Phase world. This established an outside influence on the mega-verse around Phase world, and opened the setting for phase two, in which the original organization that brought those players out to space now was fleshed out in some detail and could be played as this syndicate/underworld group/etc… that had these specialty groups placed in plain site around the mega-verse and used other groups, such as the Rosary Foundation, to further their own agenda. Step in the three that comprised this group of b&e, espionage, hacking, transportation, and magic/psi/combat, into a all around tool. The rest of their basicly game play is on the adventure log. This game is a development in progress in that it continues with the same GM useing the players to create and flesh out the world, the mega-verse, at the same time creating different blackmarket organizations in space and on planets like Phase world, that can be later used for more info, special epquipment and so on…end goal is to see if this can be made into a supplement for Palladium games, and to have a blast doing it.

The Guild of Shadows

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